NFL Players use Twitter to react to 2011 draft

Many people used their Twitter account to follow and share results of the 2011 NFL player draft. There were several sports news and individual athletes and teams posting tweets, commenting on the draft minute by minute.

Twitter played a key role in keeping people informed with breaking news and global reactions after each teams’ selection of a new player. For those NFL fans who could not watch the entire draft, Twitter login is an excellent resource for staying connected to the draft results and inside information.

Notably, Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow had positive tweets following his fellow Florida Gators teammate getting drafted while New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush wasn’t as positive. After the Saints selected RB Mark Ingram in the 1st round, Bush tweeted, “It’s been fun New Orleans.”

Advantages of maintaining an active Twitter page

There are certainly advantages of maintaining an active Twitter login account. Just think about how many people you have searched for or others who found you just because you had a Twitter page. You can also use Twitter to follow and stay up to date with your favorite celebrities, musicians, and performers. Twitter allows people access to real-time information, breaking news, and emergency situations. Individuals without a twitter page following import newsfeeds may not have access to the latest world events or breaking news updates. Wouldn’t you hate to be the last person to know the latest celeb gossip or world news/events? Individuals who do not have a Twitter account may not have instant access to the latest news including world events or upcoming concerts.

Additionally, many companies place ads and coupons on their Twitter page. Those who do not have an account or do not pay attention to new posts may not be up to date with this information and could miss out on important sales and promotions. Perhaps most importantly, a Twitter page provides users a place for personal Internet presence, and promotes self-expression and individuality. If you are one of the few people without current use of a social networking site, creating an account can help expand your social network and help keep you up-to-date with the latest news and events from your friends, family, and favorite celebrities.

Justin Bieber cuts his hair and his Twitter followers!

Justin Bieber recently cut his hair short. Yup, his cutesy boy hairdo has been replaced with a much more mature-looking cut. Good for you, Justin Bieber, your old look was getting, well, old. Allegedly the singer’s unwanted hair will be donated to charity in order to raise money for good causes, including animal rights.

Unfortunately, rumors are circulating that Bieber lost an estimated 80,000 Twitter followers upon chopping off his locks. These rumors have yet to be confirmed, but it would not be terribly surprising. Rumors are also circulating that a director actually wanted to film Bieber’s haircut. Weird. Who does that?

Did you know: Justin Bieber is getting his own wax figure at Madame Tussauds in New York, London, and Amsterdam. He will be featured alongside famous artists such as Beyonce and Michael Jackson.

If you have not seen pictures of the Bieb’s new ‘do, make sure to Google him and check it out. Try not to drop him from your Twitter followings if you don’t like the new look; hair grows back! If you already have, why not Twitter login and follow Justin Bieber on Twitter again!

Twitter suspends popular applications for policy violations

Twitter suspends popular applications for policy violations

Twitter suspends many applications each day that are allegedly guilty of violating Twitter’s policy. Most recently, Twitter suspended UberTwitter and twidroyd for Twitter. If you are a user of one of these applications, it may be unavailable for an unknown period of time. That is, you will not be able to access Twitter to reply to tweets, messages, or to update you status.

UberTwitter and twidroyd are applications that are compatible with the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry phones, and UberTwitter is most popular among Blackberry users.

Fortunately, you can always login Twitter to update your status and respond to tweets or messages. Happy Twitter login and tweeting to all!

Twitter reportedly turned down 500 Million Dollar offer from Facebook in 2008

A recent interview with co-founder Biz Stone of Twitter revealed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg offered $500 million in Facebook stock for the acquisition of Twitter back in 2008. Facebook saw the potential to monetize the heck out of Twitter unlike it has been used so far.

Why hasn’t Twitter taken a more monetized approach to their baby? It’s a good question, but it’s coming soon and that’s the only answer. “We’ve created something that people are finding value in,” Stone said. “But we haven’t yet created a business out of this, and we really wanted to do that.”

Whether or not passing up the $500 million in Facebook stock was a good idea remains to be calculated. With an estimated worth of around $2 billion in 2008, Twitter would have gotten around 100 million or so shares of Facebook that used to be worth about $5 per share.

Now, they’re worth a whole lot more than that. If Twitter had gone through with the deal, they would be sitting on 100 million shares worth over $1 billion dollars. is probably still worth more because of the trend of Twitter login and the traffic the site gets. However, Twitter has a lot of monetizing to do in order to catch up with Facebook’s advertising revenue.

How often are you tweeting?

The average person posts about four to seven new tweets each day. Many people tweet about their life events and current happenings. It is also common for people to post website links or other information that they think other people should know on their Twitter login settings page.

Did you know: Every minute there are more than 40,000 tweets sent by Twitter users.

It can be argued that people who tweet more often simply have more time in which to do so. However, with the introduction of smart phone mobile applications, it takes merely seconds to post a new tweet.

If time is not a necessary factor, why do some Twitter users post many more tweets than other users? Some people argue that they simply do not have anything important enough to tweet about. Seriously, people – everything and anything is important to tweet about. If it’s happening or happened, we want to read it!

How many times per day do you ‘tweet’ using Twitter?

Twitter offers people an instant global connect

It’s become very clear that the leaders of this new social networking industry are led by Facebook and Twitter. However, Twitter offers an interesting angle to counter the bear that is Facebook: a global connect to anything you say, at any time, from anywhere, without Twitter login even required…

Consider Twitter your Public Relations birdie that sends out little mundane tweets for the world to see and read to keep up to date with the live you. Pretty cool, eh? Maybe that’s why hundreds of thousands of people are joining Twitter daily. You should, too. That is, if you haven’t already! Twil’ Twomorrow ; )

Twitter becoming integral SEO tool for all websites

Twitter has taken over the social networking game in terms of Search Engine Optimization and SEO techniques. It has become a necessity to all websites.

Among many reasons why this is the case, the largest perhaps is Google’s heavy integration recently of live Twitter feeds for keywords ranking #1 (that’s right, NUMBER ONE) over all other links.

Another big Google reason to use Twitter for Google SEO is because Google values a Twitter URL highly and has given front page positioning for the majority of celebrity and mainstream people’s Twitter accounts.

A final reason for Twitter’s use for SEO is probably less technical or Google than the other two, and more Twitter itself. Twitter is driving real traffic and real business to thousands of storefront operations every day.

After all guys, Twitter Login will only get more and more popular as the world’s population adapts Twitter as a standard of living kind of like Facebook did but even more serious.

Twitter to introduce Videos and New Features

Recently, Twitter revealed their new version of Twitter known as Twitter 2.0, introducing hot new features to Twitter’s arsenal of things to do. At the top of the list is the inclusion of rich media web like videos that can be fed to your Twitter followers now with the Tweet of a button.

Among other things, Twitter login is becoming a much more versatile environment online for people a lot like Facebook login provides. Facebook has people hooked not just with pretty faces and promiscuous pokes. Now users on Facebook can do almost anything from play Farmville, battle out your friends with NCAA tournament brackets, and more.

Comparing Facebook and Twitter

When comparing Facebook and Twitter, it is interesting to consider the similarities and differences in each of these websites that help them succeed.


Twitter and Facebook both offer user authentication with facebook login and twitter login.

Facebook and Twitter both offer customizable profiles with names, emails, websites, and descriptions for each user.

Twitter and Facebook both have a profile preview thumbnail photo.

Facebook and Twitter both offer live updates for many friends, family, and celebrities.

Twitter and Facebook both have privacy settings to block users, show limited information to strangers, etc.


Facebook offers clickable thumbnail profile photos that enlarge. Twitter does not.

Twitter offers streaming live updates that are fed in through Google real time. Facebook does not.

Facebook offers hundreds of customizable profile settings for users to edit. Twitter offers a handful including name, website, location, description, and background.

Twitter is very simple and to the point. Live updates or ‘tweets’ for followers to know what you’re doing. Facebook is very complex. From interactive games like Farmville, to NCAA Basketball brackets, Facebook can have many uses.